Development Trading Co. is one of the leading and first companies to specialize in the field of Security Printing and anti-counterfeiting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region.

It was founded in 1992 in Riyadh City, and since that date till now we are honoured to deliver our high quality products and services to major governmental establishments and private sector across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Our Mission


Providing the best services, solutions and consultation in the security printing and Anti-counterfeiting field,with a pledge to supply the latest and finest solutions, products, global technologies and after-sales services.

Our Values


Since our beginning, Development Trading Company is built on honesty and trustworthy in serving its customers and we believe that good reputation with hard work, honesty and sincerity is the cornerstone for any establishment's success and prosperity./p>

Our Vision

Enhance the level of security thought, spread the security culture in our community and create safer work enviroment, maintaining our leadership and keeping our customers'trust.

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CEO Message

Security is one of the major factors for creativity, success and development.

Each individual, organization or company has the duty and obligation to offer the best to our country, and play a productive part in realizing VISION 2030.

Since 1992, our goal has been to be one of the GCC leading protectors for governments and public documents. Our duty and obligation has been helping on protecting important documents from forgery, alteration and counterfeiting.

Our commitment is to offer the best of security printing products and services.

We always look ahead, creating and developing with our friends, counterparts and partners all over the world the best possible applicable security measures, systems and services which help in reaching the best goals for our esteemed clients. Therefore, listening to the clients’ needs is our priority,

Sharing clients, their opinions and requirements is our key for success & development.

With your help we will continue to secure & create the best methods and measures which deter any criminal attempt. We ask God to help us and lead the way.

We would like to thank everyone who really devote any trust & confidence in order for us to reach this level of success.


Development Trading Co. is the leading company in the Gulf and Arab homeland, which was founded in 1992 and specialized in the field of security printing and anti - counterfeiting, as during that time there was no organisation or company specialized in such a sensitive field.

Since its inception, DTC has achieved great success in spreading security awareness of fraud prevention in the region and this success has attracted many VIP customers in important and sensitive locations.

After many years of success DTC Expands and diversified its products to include Smart Card Readers and access control solutions.



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